Mark Lancaster MP

06 NOV 2016

Youth Parliament Debate

I was asked by our members of the Youth Parliament to chair what was an insightful and well-engaged debate on mental healthcare provision in Milton Keynes. Tackling poor mental health in MK and across the UK must be a priority and ministers have legislated to ensure it is treated with the same impo... Read more >

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31 OCT 2016

Homelessness Reduction Bill

Homelessness is on the rise in Milton Keynes and is a concern I know is felt throughout the city. In just a few hundred words, I will try to report to you on what I have been doing in the last few months to support our local authority and the voluntary sector groups working on this issue. I was gra... Read more >

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30 SEP 2016

MK Job Show - Hailed A Success!

I can't believe it's been six years since I opened the first MK Job Show. When Iain Stewart MP and I first decided to launch the event at the Buszy, we had no idea what a success it would become and the staggering number of jobs it would provide as a result. In light of MK's continuing record of ec... Read more >

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31 AUG 2016

Stantonbury School Changes Status

I am delighted that the Government has agreed to enter a Funding Agreement that will allow Stantonbury Campus to convert into an academy as part of the Griffin Schools Trust. As part of the Trust with 12 other schools, Stantonbury Campus will benefit from focused support that will provide the neces... Read more >

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12 JAN 2016

MK News - Paris Climate Summit

In the weeks before Christmas, the Paris climate summit saw a total of 194 countries come together to negotiate for the first time ever a global deal for tackling climate change. From a local perspective, our city has always set itself apart and in environmental policy it is no different. As part... Read more >

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10 DEC 2015

MK Citizen - Autumn Statement

Last week was an important week in Parliament. Not only did the Prime Minister detail his plans following the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), but the Chancellor also gave his Autumn Statement, the content of which I would like to address in this month's column. Beginning with welfar... Read more >

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08 OCT 2015

MK News - Homelessness

Homelessness appears to be on the rise in our city and is a subject of growing concern for many of us. Having had experience of sleeping on the street, albeit it for only very short periods, this is a life that nobody would voluntarily choose. Nonetheless, with the local number increasing and wint... Read more >

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09 SEP 2015

MK News - Willen Surgery

Following the sudden closure of Willen Surgery in 2013, local councillors, residents and I fought tirelessly to bring its return. The pleas to the Health Minister, NHS England and the Homes and Community Agency proved effective back in March this year when the promising news came that the surgery ... Read more >

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19 AUG 2015

MK News - VJ Day

Last Saturday marked the 70th anniversary of the Japanese surrender and the official end of the Second World War, or as British Prime Minister Clement Atlee would declare at the time, the day that "the last of our enemies laid low". The commemoration of Victory in Japan Day, or VJ Day as it would... Read more >

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05 AUG 2015

MK Citizen - MK Hospital Campaign Update

As many of you will recall, not so long ago the hospital was a focal point of the campaign prior to May's election. Now three months on, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on some of the positive developments that have both happened and that are happening to our local medical insti... Read more >

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05 FEB 2014

MK News - Mental Health Initiative

With the Government announcement last week and plans to tackle the problems of mental health in the NHS, now is an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of this important issue. It is said that on average 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental illness at some point in our lives and yet there is suc... Read more >

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23 APR 2013

MK News On the Job March 2013

There is nothing better than a quick pint in your local after a hard day's work and a good friendly publican is an added bonus. I must confess that I have been known to prop up the odd bar in my time, but never experienced the stresses and strains of standing on the other side, so for the latest in ... Read more >

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23 APR 2013

MK Flyer April 2013

This year seems to be flying by and as we approach April rapidly and the shops fill with Easter eggs (that I don't seem to be able to resist!) I am pleased to be able to reflect on what I have achieved so far this year. Whilst I am always busy, this year I have been trying to dedicate time focussin... Read more >

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23 APR 2013

MK Flyer March 2013

Spring is fast approaching, the snow is trying to melt and you can't help but think there is a bit of a mystical air around Milton Keynes at the moment. In keeping with the seasons, I have kicked off some new projects and campaigns around Milton Keynes and already we are seeing results. Last month ... Read more >

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23 APR 2013

MK Flyer February 2013

As February is upon us it feels like last year is all but a distant memory and 2013 is now in full swing. It is hard to think you could get a better year than 2012 but Milton Keynes has a lot to look forward to. Already we have seen the Homes and Communities Agency transfer land all across Milton K... Read more >

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20 MAR 2013

MK Citizen March 2013

I organised a Food Forum last week, in conjunction with Iain Stewart MP, where charities who distribute food to those in need, like the Food Bank, and food suppliers such as Tesco and Costco, met to discuss how they could work better together in order to help our community. With use of food banks r... Read more >

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20 FEB 2013

MK Citizen February 2013

Our city is well known for roundabouts, concrete cows and grid squares. Impressively though, we are rapidly becoming recognised for our leading local economy which has been boosted by recent business additions including Network Rail which bought with it 3000 jobs. Our location in relation to big ci... Read more >

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16 JAN 2013

MK Citizen January 2013

Living in such a young city we have been given a unique opportunity in Milton Keynes, to create and sculpt our city and its future. Milton Keynes is the youngest purpose built city in the country and the importance given to "Infrastructure before Expansion" has led in the main to sensible and sustai... Read more >

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26 DEC 2012

MK Flyer December 2012

2012 was undoubtedly a year of celebration which saw both the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics and I must admit I find it hard to think that another year could ever beat it. However, 2013 brings its promises too, not least more royal celebrations following the announcement of the Duchess of Cambridg... Read more >

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19 DEC 2012

MK Citizen December 2012

This year has been truly magnificent, one we are unlikely ever to forget. We have celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, welcomed the world to watch the spectacular Olympics and Paralympics and we saw our athletes win more medals than ever before. Britain has shined and the memories of street part... Read more >

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