Mark Lancaster MP

05 FEB 2015

£178million Expansion Plan On The Horizon?

Milton Keynes hospital chiefs have submitted a capital bid to the Department of Health worth £178million.

The bid would see a £40million brand new 'common front door' bringing the current Urgent Care Centre and the A&E together, plus a £100million ward block and a new car park.

Here's the link to the MK Ciitzen's online story

Both Iain Stewart and I have joined with Milton Keynes Citizen in calling for a new A&E and have given our 'complete support for the bid' which is likely to be given the go ahead subject to the completion of the MK Healthcare review.

Iain and I are giving this bid our complete support. We are ambitious for MK and want to aim high and future proof our hospital for a growing population. Having campaigned tirelessly for an expansion of A&E and successfully delivered £2.9million for 13 new bays, we want to go even further.

Refurbishment of the reception area starts in two months' time to build a new clinical area and the creation of a new spinal service are just some of the positive developments underway. This bid however will enable our hospital to develop its clinical provision and give our healthcare professionals the support they rightly deserve in the years to come.

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