Mark Lancaster MP

26 SEP 2016

A Poetic Thank You!

My constituent Janet, called the office last week about an issue causing her some concern.  We were able to quite quickly reassure her and put her mind at rest.  That was the end of the matter, or so we thought.

We deal with scores of constituents concerns each week, on a whole range of issues and it was particularly heartwarming to receive a thank you, even more so a thank you such in poetic form!  




Protect our Green Spaces

I heard a distressing rumour

only the other day,

that green space near my home

may soon be built on,

so I emailed my MP right away.


It did not take long

for me to receive a reply,

from Case Worker Richard Gates,

he said no plans for building,

the rumour was a lie.


Cannot imagine not been able

to see green space and trees,

just more and more houses,

more vehicles, more people,

some planning person to please.


So now I can sit back,

and enjoy the scene once more,

reassured that the green space

will remain looking as it is,

appreciated by me for sure!

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