Mark Lancaster MP

15 JUN 2015

At the Despatch Box

With the General Election almost becoming a distant memory, I've embraced the electorate's confidence and quickly got back to work supporting my constituents in Milton Keynes North.

Voted to return to Government for a third term, I was delighted to be called by the Prime Minister to take up a role within the Ministry of Defence.

So, last week, as Minister for Defence Personnel and Veterans, I delivered my inaugural speech at the despatch box. Members of the House took the opportunity to question me on a range of matters including the Forces Help to Buy scheme, the debilitating condition, post-traumatic stress disorder and the availability of skills and training for service leavers.

For me, this is very much a dream job and my personal experience in the armed forces will play an important part in future decisions that need to be made for our service personnel and the country as a whole.

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