Mark Lancaster MP

16 APR 2014

Bosom Buddies - Its A Piece of Cake!

An enthusiastic welcome and a very large chocolate cake greeted me and my fellow MP Iain Stewart when wemet Bosom Buddies founder Pauline Giles.

After reconstructive surgery for breast cancer Pauline was motivated to create a greater awareness of the disease and recognised the urgency to educate students in schools. Bosom Buddies ultimate goal is to reduce the number of women who contract breast cancer by early detection at an early age. She advocates that examining yourself, should be included in your beauty regime alongside straightening your hair or adding your lashes!

The not for profit charity, is run from Pauline's home in Milton Keynes and with her guidance, now has 15 young women, all of which have experienced breast cancer, visiting schools across the UK, she is also hoping to reach MK schools later in the year.

Donning t-shirts and devouring chocolate cake, Iain and I are delighted to support the "Beating Breast Cancer Is A Piece of Cake campaign.  We are avidly backing the innovative and fundamental efforts of Bosom Buddies and urge you to offer support wherever you can.

For further information go to: Twitter: @bosombuddies_uk

Quote from Pauline Giles:

Its hard to understand how such complete and utter joy can come from something like Breast Cancer, we are all put on this earth with a purpose, the majority never work out what theirs is, I am left in no doubt whatsoever that I am living mine now, and it is a wonderful feeling.

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