Mark Lancaster MP

25 MAR 2015

Cast your vote in MK's Business Neighbourhood Plan

On 7th May, as well as the General Election, MK will host the first ever UK referendum on a business neighbourhood plan!

This is a plan put forward in conjunction with MK Council and the Central MK Alliance, a group of local MK businesses, to ensure that future developments in MK are aligned with the wishes of local businesses and residents.

Crucially one of the main objectives is for parking for business developments, an issue I know many workers in MK find extremely frustrating on a daily basis. The Neighbourhood Plan would set out to improve this situation, with advanced tech in space management, shuttle services to business parks and better public transport links.

To find out more about this plan and how you can have your say go to                                                                and don't forget to read through the proposal and share with any of your favourite local businesses!       #businessMK #hardworkingMK #NeighbourhoodPlan #loveMK

Download this as a PDF

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