Mark Lancaster MP

17 OCT 2012

City MP highlights the importance of self-examination this Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Local MP, Mark Lancaster, has visited a Milton Keynes business which is doing its bit to raise awareness of breast cancer and promoting self-examination.

Over the past year, 61 Milton Keynes' women have been diagnosed with breast cancer through screening programmes which are being run across the City. Whilst women are the largest group to have the disease, one man in every 1,000 also contracts the disease.

Screenetics, a medical business in Milton Keynes, has developed a breast self-examination glove which helps women to get to know the feel of their breasts and make note of any changes to them.

Mark Lancaster said; 'Screenetics is doing a great job of promoting self-examination and the importance of it to help people to identify any changes in breast tissue, no matter how small. I hope that this month all of us take the time to get to know what is normal to us and what might be a difference.'

Screenetics is offering free self-examination kits throughout October for anyone who books a medical screening with them, at their new Health and Wellbeing Clinic in Linford Wood. If you would be interested in booking an examination, please contact Screenetics on 0800 014 1982.

Kevin Hollick, Managing Director at Screenetics said "We offer a range of health assessments from a mini health MOT to an Executive health check for people to have clarity over their health, offering a self examination glove with each assessment at our new clinic during October will help raise awareness of the importance for self examination"

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