Mark Lancaster MP

13 MAY 2013

City MP lends support to local education charity

Primary students' attitude to work is being transformed by a new teaching resource 'World of Work', a classroom activity for children aged 9 to 11 where they play cards and talk to real workers. The scheme, developed in Milton Keynes by educational charity Worktree in partnership with primary schools, is now being rolled out across the country, providing a structured, well-tested and proven method meeting many Ofsted goals for Key Stage 2.

Worktree has been facilitating guest worker visits to primary schools for three years in Milton Keynes where the scheme has undergone development. Every member of staff involved agreed that the pupils found the workers' visits engaging and feedback from over 2,500 pupils has been overwhelmingly positive. Children enjoyed meeting the guests and said they had learned a lot about work from talking to them.

"I used to think school was nothing, but now I think I need to get a good education to get the job I want when I'm older," said one Year 5 pupil. "When the people came in and spoke to me it just changed my views completely."

The 'World of Work' scheme for children in Years 5 and 6 begins with a trumps-style card game comparing a wide range of careers. Children trade career facts and debate the social value of different jobs, like why a nurse is paid £15 per hour compared with a professional footballer's £880 per hour.

Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North (pictured with Worktree's Tom Bulman), said: "It's really important to make sure young people are thinking about getting into work as early as they can and World of Work is a great way to do this."

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