Mark Lancaster MP

09 MAY 2013

City MP Mark Lancaster welcomed the contents of Queens Speech yesterday

Mark welcomed the speech, which sets out the governments legislative agenda for the year, as it will see further measures bought in to help those who work hard and are trying to get on.

With 20 new bills mentioned in the speech, measures to stop immigrants accessing public services that they are not entitled for, cap social care bills that individuals have to pay and reduce the amount of National Insurance employees have to pay were all introduced.

Mark said "Milton Keynes residents will directly benefit from the bills proposed to be introduced in the Queen's Speech over the next year. With so many local employers, the reduction in the National Insurance Bill will be a huge help to many and capping social care bills will save many families. Yet again the government is supporting those who want to help themselves and aspire for a better life while still helping those who can't."

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