Mark Lancaster MP

11 JAN 2011

City MP speaks out for rural communities

Mark Lancaster is seeking answers for his rural constituents after a massive power cut at the weekend.

The MP's office took a call from the Parish Council Chairman at 9am about a power cut in North Crawley, which started on Sunday evening.

Around 2,000 homes were initially affected, and 200 were still without power the next morning.

Mr Lancaster's team contacted supplier EON's Senior Public Affairs Executive and power was restored by 10.30am.

The village, which is without gas, relies on fuel such as oil and LPG.

Mr Lancaster, whose Milton Keynes North constituency is geographically 80 per cent rural, said: "It is bad for rural communities, of which there are many in my constituency, to be cut off for this length of time. Many are without gas, and have larger elderly populations, so a power cut can be a very serious matter. I am glad my team were able to step in in this instance, but I will be writing to EON to ask why it took so long for power to be restored."

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