Mark Lancaster MP

01 MAY 2012

City MP visits local adoption agency

A specialist adoption agency based in Milton Keynes met with MP Mark Lancaster this week to discuss the current challenges facing the adoption sector.

Mark has been raising the issue of adoption in Parliament, pushing for better support packages once an adoption placement has been made.

Alison Miller, CEO of the Society said "At St Francis' Children's Society, we offer lifelong support for children and adopters. The acute needs of many adopted children requires careful attention, and post-adoption support is just as important as cutting the waiting times down for children in care."

Mark also had the opportunity to meet with the Society's Birth Connections team, who work alongside birth families to counsel and support them in understanding the difficulties they faced, resulting in losing their children.

Marilyn Kedwards, Birth Connections counselor, commented "it is important to raise the profile of these families, who are often the forgotten third element of the adoption triangle."

Mark is set to meet with the CEO of Adoption UK, the only national membership and support charity run by adoptive parents.

Mark said, "It is important that in overhauling what is quite a lengthy and damaging process, we do not make the mistake of assuming that once the adoption has taken place, the work has been done. The government can learn from St Francis' Children's Society that statutory post-adoption support is the right way forward."

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