Mark Lancaster MP

09 FEB 2011

Cut the number of power cuts, says Mark

Mark Lancaster is calling for cuts – in the number of power cuts across rural Milton Keynes.

The Milton Keynes North MP contacted energy supplier Eon Central Networks after 2,202 homes in North Crawley and the surrounding area lost electricity on January 9.

It followed continued complaints from residents of villages in his constituency about persistent power cuts.

Mr Lancaster has now received a letter from Eon's managing director John Crackett pledging to bring forward improvement works in the North Crawley area.

He has since replied asking what upgrades are scheduled for the wider rural area.

He said: "I am pleased that Eon is aware of the problems suffered by residents in rural Milton Keynes North and that improvement works are being brought forward. But it is still concerning that I get reports of repeated power cuts – particularly as villages such as Stoke Goldington are not connected to the main gas supply. There are also many elderly and disabled residents for whom a power cut can be a danger, not just a nuisance. I will continue pressing for action on this issue."

Mr Lancaster was heartened to read about Eon's Priority Service Register, a list of vulnerable residents who are offered assistance when the electricity cuts out. Residents who wish to be added to the list can call Stephanie Sharman on 02476 194104.

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