Mark Lancaster MP

20 MAR 2012

Extra capacity for Olympic trains

Commuters from the city will heave a sigh of relief from next month as Virgin Trains provides 50% more standard seats on some of its busiest West Coast Main Line services, including the ones into London Euston.

By lengthening its Pendolinos to 11 carriages, Virgin Trains will be providing 589 seats, with over 440 being provided for Standard customers. In addition four new 11-car trains will enter service this year.

It is expected that over 30 services will be running these longer trains every weekday by the end of April.

Mark welcomed the news and said: "Our lobbying is finally paying off as commuters from Milton Keynes are beginning to get a better deal.The news is timely given the added pressures on capacity that the Olympics will bring. This goes a long way in allaying the fears of commuters."

Iain Stewart, Mp for Milton Keynes South, who has recently been meeting with the 4 bidders for the new West Coast Franchise, had this to say:

"I have been pressing the case for Milton Keynes with those bidding for the new franchise and they accept that the growing commuter population in the city can no longer be overlooked. I welcome the news of a 50% increase in Standard seats as it means that we will begin to see less of the situation where passengers are standing on journeys from Euston to Milton Keynes and vice-versa."

The Government plans to increase rail capacity by delivering more than around 2,700 new carriages by 2019.

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