Mark Lancaster MP

16 JAN 2015

Extra Government Funding for MK Hospital

It's been announced that Government ministers it will provide extra funding to Milton Keynes Council to help move older people out of hospital beds and back in to the community.

Bed blocking is one of the big challenges facing the NHS and Milton Keynes Hospital has a large number of patients ready to be discharged, but with nowhere to go.  Ministers wrote saying the funding will provide "interventions which will lead to a clear reduction on the pressure on your local acute hospital."

I cannot stress enough, that for several years the Government has been working to get health and social care services to work together and having lobbied hard for extra funding this news is yet another positive step forward. Iain Stewart's and my relentless pressure on the Government for fair funding for MK healthcare has resulted in the 4th highest increase in budget in the UK and an extra £2.9m for our A&E.

This of course is in stark contrast to the Labour Council who have just slashed funding for our much loved local charity Age Concern, which is why their claims to be supporting older people ring pretty hollow with so many people locally. Its high time Labour stopped playing politics with our NHS and started supporting it as we are.

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