Mark Lancaster MP

01 MAR 2013

Fairness finally delivered for British HGVs as foreign lorries face new levy

Mark Lancaster has today welcomed the new law to make foreign HGVs pay a levy to use our roads. This week the HGV Road User Levy Bill received Royal Assent and passed into law.

With British HGVs paying to use European roads, this Bill delivers fairness for British hauliers, and rights a wrong that they have faced until now.

Mark Lancaster commented:

"In Milton Keynes we see foreign lorries on our roads all the time, but they haven't had to pay anything to use our roads. But when British lorries drive abroad, they face charges and tolls – it just isn't fair. This Government is righting that wrong – and from now on Britain will benefit from the foreign lorries on our road."

Roads Minister Stephen Hammond said:

"Every year there are around 1.5 million trips to the UK by foreign registered lorries but none of them pays to use our roads, leaving UK businesses and taxpayers to foot the bill. In contrast, when UK hauliers travel abroad then in most cases they have to pay to use the roads.

"This new act will help the UK logistics industry remain competitive by making sure that operators from abroad are paying towards the cost of building and maintaining the UK's roads as well as creating a level playing field for domestic operators."

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