Mark Lancaster MP

05 MAR 2014

Flipping Fantastic!

This was my 10th Olney Pancake Race and it was "flipping fantastic!"  Being a resident of Olney, there is no place I would rather be, this is such an important moment in the town's calendar.

The crisp early morning saw many spectators line the streets for the youngster's races, followed by the fiercely competitive ladies race. For the ladies race, the only condition to compete, other than to brandish a frying pan and have a good pair of running shoes, is that you are female and have lived in the town for a minimum of six months.

The Olney history books state that the 569 year tradition stems from 1445, when a local woman began running to church with her frying pan. She had panicked when she heard church bells ringing from her kitchen and, fearing she would be late for a Shriving service to confess her sins before Lent, she ran through the town.   

I am pleased to say, this annual event is safely upheld with mothers handing down the tradition to their daughters and I look forward to seeing the next generation take up the frying pan!

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