Mark Lancaster MP

24 NOV 2015

French Solidarity

So many across the world have been touched by the heartbreaking events witnessed on the streets of Paris just over a week ago.

Both Iain Stewart MP and I have extended our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their loved ones. We've joined the Prime Minister, the French nation, and many others who have been resolute in their unity to fight terrorism and I've visited the French Embassy to sign the Book of Condolence at the French Embassy.

The tragic and unnecessary loss of human life reminds us that we must remain determined and united in our fight against terrorism. This horrendous act demonstrates that Britain has to remain vigilant and continue to support its intelligence and security services. To this end, the Government have committed to increase the security services by a further 1,900 personnel and to increase the levels of aviation security. It's vital we do this to stay safe, defy terrorism and continue on with our daily lives.

I send my heartfelf sympathies and prayers to the hundreds of families who have become victims to these barbaric acts.

During Prime Minister's Questions last week, Prime Minister David Cameron said, "It is important that the Eurostar continues to function, that flights continue to go, and that people continue to travel and to enjoy London and Paris. We must continue going about our business. As we do so, yes, we need enhanced security, and that is happening in the way that the police are acting in the UK and elsewhere. One way to defeat terrorism, however, is to show the terrorists that we will not be cowed."

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