Mark Lancaster MP

14 JAN 2015

GP's Challenge Fund

I've given my full support to Milton Keynes GPs and the Urgent Care Service in a bid to attain additional Government funding to improve GP access.

A group of Milton Keynes GPs have joined with the Urgent Care Service to apply for funding from the Prime Minister's Challenge Fund.

The fund, started in 2013, aims to improve access to general practice and stimulate innovative ways of providing primary care and has recently doubled from £50million to £100million.

We have already had some successes over the past few months with our local health care. Firstly the £2.9m for the hospital's A&E and only a few weeks ago, the news that our NHS will receive the third biggest increase in the UK in this year's budget.

I have been working hard throughout to secure extra funding and I will continue to treat it as one of my top priorities.

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