Mark Lancaster MP

16 NOV 2015

Happy 40th - Ecurie Bertelli

A question posed to me last month was, "Did I want to take a ride in a pre-war Aston Martin?" Who'd turn down an offer like that?

What a privilege it was to meet the team at Ecurie Bertelli based in Olney, who I discovered, are the world's leading company in the pre-war Aston Martin trade.

Ecurie Bertelli celebrate their 40th birthday next year but their knowledge and experience stretches much further than that. They're the world's leading spare parts manufacturer and suppliers, holding the rights to some 4000 original drawings dating back to the 1920's and to this end they're dedicated to preserving the integrity and heritage of these amazing vehicles.

They're actively demonstrating this by looking to engage with a younger generation of enthusiasts ensuring that their technical expertise is continued for future generations.

Two members of the team are Technical Director, Andy Bell, whose knowledge and expertise is sought after way outside the remit of Ecurie Bertelli and Robert Blakemore, Managing Director, who's been living and breathing these incredible cars since the age of seven. Robert is a massive racing enthusiast and a member of the Ecurie Bertelli race support team, who also provide specialist racing drivers for events across the world.

The team of experts provide facilities ranging from storage, servicing, repairs, and total rebuilds, which will always be to an original and exceptionally high standard. Their expertise doesn't just stop there as they also buy and sell these prestigious vehicles for clients across the world.

Their enthusiasm and passion was clearly evident and this iconic British heritage must be preserved. I wish them well and I'll do all I can to support them as they go into their celebratory year. Visit their website at

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