Mark Lancaster MP

22 JUL 2015

Hot Yoga and Birthday Cake!

Sweat Studios, based at The Hub in MK, celebrated their first birthday with owner Kirsty Lowe, who discovered the benefits of yoga 15 years ago.

Kirsty opened the hot yoga studio with the aim of breaking down the prejudices surrounding yoga and making it accessible to more people.

This is a popular yoga form that uses heat and humidity to boost muscle dexterity and detoxification. Hot yoga offers a complete workout of cardio, flexibility and strength.

In addition, the studio offers warm classes aimed at people looking for a gentler workout and yoga for children and pre and post natal women.

Kirsty said: "I am hugely proud of what we've achieved here in just a year. The people of MK have really taken to Sweat and what we're about, which is demystifying yoga and promoting a better body inside and out. Kirsty added: "The diversity of the 500 people a week we see at the studio really sets us apart. We have 16-year-olds, who come with their parents, practicing yoga alongside people in their 60s.

Sweat Studios has been hugely successful and it's been wonderful to see yet another small and local business grow so much in just a year. It's also great that Kirsty and her team are creating such a unique and enjoyable way for the people of Milton Keynes to get physically and mentally fit.

To choose and book a class, check out the timetable at

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