Mark Lancaster MP

06 JUN 2014

Increased Housing - Great News for MK

Great news for housing opportunities in Milton Keynes.

Planning and housing supply has been a hot topic recently and one that has been enshrined in the Queen's speech at the State opening of Parliament. The announcement will begin to add momentum to the Governments already rolling ball.

Since April 2010, over 445,000 new homes have been built in England and MK council have 28,000 new homes at the planning permission stage.

Milton Keynes, as a new and every expanding city, always welcomes the prospect of building more homes. With a focus on home ownership and supporting small house building firms, this can only prove positive news for MK.

In the next Parliamentary year, Government will focus more on local planning and housing development to ensure that demand is met. Using local authorities and local communities, people will have a say on how their local area is developed.

Further positive news for MK is that legislation will be amended to further reform change of use rules to make it easier for empty and redundant buildings to be converted into productive use, supporting brownfield regeneration and increase the supply of new homes.

I welcome these proposed reforms, as MK is an ever expanding city we need to ensure that there are enough properties for people to rent and buy. I am proud that the Help to Buy scheme has been a success in Milton Keynes with 32 homes purchased thanks to the government backed HTB mortgage guarantee scheme and 294 new-build homes via the Equity Loan scheme. MK is a vibrant and young city, our infrastructure has been carefully planned, now is the time for expansion.

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