Mark Lancaster MP

20 OCT 2015

It's Official! MK is the place to do business

New businesses thrive in MK thanks to its location and environment according to the Centre of Cities latest report.

The report specifically highlights Milton Keynes playing a major role in helping small business get off the ground. London was deemed to be number one, with MK coming in at second place with the highest proportion of SMEs (small to medium size enterprises) in high-tech and digital sectors.

Earlier in the year the same report found that overall job creation in MK is the highest in the UK, with 24,400 new jobs created between 2004 and 2013, a phenomenal rise of 18.2%.

This report is not only testament that we're providing a strong supportive environment for new entrepreneurs but we're also continually attracting an influx of national and international businesses who've chosen to make their home here.

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