Mark Lancaster MP

29 MAY 2013

Local MP Mark Lancaster praises reduction in immigration

CITY MP Mark Lancaster has praised efforts of the government to reduce immigration to the UK.

Statistics revealed last week saw net migration down by more than a third since June 2010 and that it is now at its lowest level for a decade.

Net migration was 153,000 for the year ending September 2012 – down from 242,000 in September 2011, and a fall of 89,000. Once again, this shows that we are on the right track to bring net migration down to the tens of thousands by the end of this Parliament.

The ONS highlighted that while changes in net migration over the period 2008–10 were mainly driven by changes in people leaving the country, 'since 2011, declining immigration has been the main cause of changes in net migration.' Of total immigration, 55 per cent was from nationals outside the European Economic Area (EEA), 30 per cent was from EEA nationals and 15 per cent was returning British citizens.

While continuing to bring net migration down, the government are also supporting economic growth by welcoming the brightest and best to the UK with a 5 per cent increase in work visas issued for skilled individuals under Tier 2 in the year to March.

There was also a 5 per cent increase in sponsored student visa applications for the university sector demonstrating that government our reforms have deliberately favoured universities and that the UK continues to have a great offer for international students.

Mark Lancaster commented, "These figures prove that the government have started to deal with immigration in the right way, encouraging those who will offer a positive contribution to our society and stopping those who wish to take advantage from living here. This is a dramatic improvement compared with the system this government inherited and I am confident these figures will continue to get better."

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