Mark Lancaster MP

13 MAY 2013

Local MP's back local charity for Sainsbury's award

City MP's Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart have nominated Men in Sheds to be Sainbury's local charity of the year.

The Sainbury's based in the hub, who run a scheme which sees them partnering with a local charity each year in order to raise funds and offer other forms of support, opened nominations recently in order to search for a new charity having supported Willen Hospice last year.

Mark and Iain, who visited Men in Sheds recently, were so impressed with the work they are doing to help men learn new skills and in turn help others in the community by using their skills for good, decided to nominate them for the position.

Mark said, "Sainsbury's local charity of the year sees one local charity receive a huge amount of support. Men in Sheds MK formed in March 2012 and has helped a large number of local people and charities. With Sainsbury's support I am confident that the charity can continue to go from strength to strength and expand at the rate they currently hope to."

Iain said: "Following my visit to Men in Sheds earlier this week, it was a very easy decision for me to nominate them to be Sainbury's charity of the year. The group do an excellent work in the community and I am delighted to support their work."

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