Mark Lancaster MP

15 MAY 2013

Local MP's back moves to help homeless people

Homless people are to receive better help once they leave hospital thanks to £10million funding announced by the Government.

It is estimated that currently 70 per cent of homeless people are discharged from hospital back onto the street without their health and housing problems being properly addressed.

The funding pot will support voluntary organisations to work with the NHS and local authorities to create services to ensure that homeless people receive the best possible support and care after leaving hospital.

The £10million funding will also be used to ensure better intermediate care is available after discharge - vital for recovering from health problems such as Tuberculosis.

City MPs Iain Stewart and Mark Lancaster welcomed the news.

Mr Stewart said:

"This is encouraging news. Backed by £470 million Government investment in homelessness prevention, today's funding will ensure vulnerable people are given the right help early on, getting their lives back on track, saving the need for repeat treatment."

Mr Lancaster said:

"Homeless people are too often discharged back onto the street without their problems being properly addressed. This is damaging to their health and increases NHS costs through 'revolving door' admissions. This investment will ensure that homeless people get the support that they need when they leave hospital."

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