Mark Lancaster MP

28 MAY 2014

Mark & Jamie Wrap It Up!

I rolled up my sleeves for Jamie's Italian for Food Revolution Day!

Ably assisted by 30 children from Two Mile Ash Primary and the enthusiastic team at Jamie's Italian, I learnt about the importance of healthy food and how to make cooking fun. Armed with instructions and the tools to make a rainbow wrap I joined Jamie in his quest to tackle obesity and educate children throughout his UK restaurants.

Worldwide more than 43 million children under the age of 5 are either overweight or obese. This is concerning, as obesity can lead to an increased chance of diabetes and the children are more likely to live a shorter life than their parents. This is all due to the lack of accessible food education for children.

It was evident that the passion and enthusiasm from the team at Jamie's very quickly transferred to the children and what a wonderful initiative to inspire our youngsters to carry the importance of healthy food through to their adult life.

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