Mark Lancaster MP

09 OCT 2013

Mark and Iain pleased with good news for commuters

An overhaul of rail fares by the Government could see commuters from Milton Keynes paying less for their tickets.

This saving for rail commuters comes about as the Government introduces a wide-ranging review of the railway ticketing system. One important measure limits the ability of train operators to increase individual fares to an extra 2% above inflation, rather than the current 5%.

Of particular benefit to Milton Keynes will be a new discounted season ticket for passengers who travel regularly but not every day, and currently cannot benefit from a season ticket. This will give part-time workers, for example, substantial discounts.

In addition, train companies will be required to abide by a code of conduct for train companies, which will be overseen by the regulator, to ensure passengers know that they are getting the best deal for their journey.

These measures, which will come into place next year, have been warmly welcomed by the city MPs Iain Stewart and Mark Lancaster.

Mr Stewart, who is a member of the Transport Committee in Parliament, said:

"I am delighted by these measures which will go a long way to helping residents with the cost of living. For some time I have been arguing that there should be a new discounted ticket available for people such as part-time workers who use the trains regularly but not often enough to benefit from the normal season ticket."

Mr Lancaster added: "I am glad to see that the Department for Transport has managed to lower the cap on increases to regulated rail fares. It is a welcome announcement for all of Milton Keynes' commuters who are often fearful of the increases the rail companies will impose on them in January. I am pleased to see that once again the government are trying to support hardworking people."

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