Mark Lancaster MP

08 DEC 2011

Mark and Iain visit Multiple Sclerosis centre

Mark and Iain Stewart have visited the MK Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre to better understand the experiences of people living with the condition.

As part of their programme of engaging with the various local health support groups in the city,Mark and Iain, went to meet Roz Heredia, who fundraised to set up the Centre a few years, and other volunteers who run its operations.

The Centre currently helps over 200 people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Milton Keynes to cope with their symptoms, thus giving them back some freedom. It offers an innovative range of therapies from the use of a six-tonne Oxygen chamber to Reflexology, Reiki and massages.

Both MPs listened to users of the Therapy Centre share their experiences and explain how much of a difference the Centre makes to their lives.

Commenting afterwards, Mark said; "It's an exciting place to visit and is a hive of activity. This facility is excellent as it enables MS sufferers to relieve their symptoms and meet people in a similar position to them. It's a lively community and I am amazed at the centre and all the work which goes into it.'

MK South MP Iain Stewart added: "I really enjoyed my visit to the Centre. The sense of community and support is admirable. I especially pay tribute to Roz Heredia who set up the Centre and all the volunteers who work so hard to provide support to those using the facilities here."

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a condition affecting the central nervous system which can occur at any age. Though not terminal, it is a lifelong condition with most sufferers expecting to live as long as someone without the condition.

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