Mark Lancaster MP

01 JUL 2013

Mark and the Mayor welcomes Solider home

LOCAL MP Mark Lancaster and Mayor Brian White have received a plaque from City resident Gunner Frank Apeadu to mark his return from Afghanistan..

Frank, who comes from Milton Keynes and is a Gunner with 32 Royal Artillery Regiment based in Salisbury has been on two tours in Afghanistan and one of Iraq, presented Milton Keynes with a plaque with a map of Afghanistan and the flags of those who had helped nation building on it.

Mark, a Lieutenant Colonel in Territorial Army who has also served in Afghanistan, organised for Frank to meet with the Mayor during Armed Forces Week, to present the plaque to commemorate the work achieved in Afghanistan by city servicemen and women..

Mark said: "It was a great honour to meet with Frank who has served for his country on numerous occasions in Afghanistan and elsewhere. It is so important to commemorate and celebrate the work our Servicemen and women contribute abroad and Frank's plaque which he has kindly given to the city will act as a good reminder to all of what has been achieved by our forces in Afghanistan."

"As well as the Regular servicemen from the city, we are equally proud of our two TA units based in Milton Keynes that have contributed so much to supplying Reservists for Operational service abroad."

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