Mark Lancaster MP

08 MAR 2013

Mark calls on residents to celebrate International WomenÂ’s Day

Mark Lancaster has today called on households, businesses, and organisations across Milton Keynes to celebrate International Women's Day.

Conservatives in Government are using this year's International Women's Day to highlight the problem of sexual violence and work to prevent it in the UK and around the globe.

This focus will be followed by a week in which the Conservative party focuses on women and growth. Women have a vital role to play in our economic recovery and through a serious of events and speeches the Conservatives will focus on the policies that make a real difference to women in the work place.

Mark commented:

"Here in Milton Keynes, there are around 120,293 women. On Friday, here and around the world, we marked International Women's Day – a day to promote women's rights and women's achievements. The Conservatives in Government used the day to focus on preventing sexual violence – from new initiatives to protect vulnerable women around the world to our action plan to tackle violence against women and girls.

"From simply reading about something new to holding an event to raise money, I hope everyone in Milton Keynes will have the chance to celebrate International Women's Day in their own way.

"These steps will provide vital support and raise awareness for the women who most need our help".

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