Mark Lancaster MP

05 APR 2012

Mark defends hospital record

City MPs Mark and Iain Stewart are disappointed to see MK General Hospital having to defend itself from party political scaremongering.

The concern has arisen following a series of press releases from the Labour spokesman in Milton Keynes suggesting that waiting and treatment times have increased at the hospital.

Following claims by Andrew Pakes that the number of patients waiting longer than 18 weeks for treatment has increased by 40% and that the A&E had failed for 10 weeks in a row to hit the four hour maximum wait target, the hospital has hit out.

According to Darren Leech, Chief Operating Officer at the hospital, waiting times are falling with more than 90% of all admitted patients being treated within 18 weeks. He also informed the MP's that in the last two months, the people waiting have dropped by one third at the hospital.

Mark said "I have always believed Milton Keynes General is a fantastic hospital. I am extremely disappointed that the hospital is being damaged by misinformation when in actual fact we should be congratulating it on the improved waiting times."

Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart recently spent time 'shadowing' frontline staff at the hospital.

He said: "This paints an inaccurately dismal picture of the hospital I visited a few weeks ago where all I saw were dedicated frontline staff looking to improve the quality of care provided to their patients."

"Our NHS is too valuable to be undermined by misleading attacks like this. While there is a legitimate debate to be had about how we reform the NHS so it can meet health needs in the future, there is no room for unfounded attacks," he added.

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