Mark Lancaster MP

02 DEC 2014

Mark Gets A Grilling in Westminster

I found myself being interrogated in the Houses of Parliament and the line of questioning was relentless!

Students from eight schools across Milton Keynes took part in a Q&A session, pressing meon the Redways and my thoughts on crossing roads safely in busy areas of Milton Keynes.

There was also keen and direct questioning on why I became a politician, "What is the most important part of your job?', 'Did you always want to be a politician?' and 'What is the best part about being an MP?'

Organised by Roz Mascarenhas, Youth Participation Worker for Milton Keynes Council the students were given a tour of the Houses of Parliament, the spectacular Westminster Hall and the Royal Apartments.

I was so encouraged by the students enthusiasm for politics and I was delighted to be able to give them an opportunity to step outside the classroom and experience first-hand the day to day running of Westminster. Thankfully, I survived the grilling!

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