Mark Lancaster MP

12 MAR 2013

Mark helps secure future for Hodge Lea Meeting Place

Mark  is delighted that after months of deadlock it appears that there is a future for Hodge Lea Meeting Place after his intervention on behalf of local residents.

Mark was contacted by Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council and community groups who were concerned that they would have to spend over £10,000 in legal fees in order to release the Meeting Place from the Crown Estates.

Mark wrote to the Crown Estate Solicitors asking for them to reconsider the amount they were going to charge the Town Council and pressing for a representative to come and see the site to discuss the issue.

As a result of Mark's work, the Town Council have now been offered to buy the meeting place for £1 and to pay a contribution for soliticitors fees providing its use will be for the community.

Mark said "I am absolutely delighted that such a useful amenity can now be potentially used by my constituents with very little cost to the local community. I know that Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council have been working very hard to secure the Meeting Places future and I am delighted that common sense finally seems to have prevailed."

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