Mark Lancaster MP

17 FEB 2012

Mark is urging more people to become blood donors

Mark recently visited the Lovatt Hall in Newport Pagnell, which holds regular blood donation sessions, to encourage more people to give blood.

There is a constant need for regular blood donations in order to make sure that hospitals have enough blood to carry out operations, transfusions and other essential treatments. There are currently 4,904 blood donors in Milton Keynes, which is in line with the national average, but we could be doing better. Over 96% on us require blood at some point in our lives and only 4% of people actually donate blood.

Mark said "It is remarkable how many of us require blood transfusions at some point in our lives and how few people ever donate. We are lucky in Milton Keynes that there are so many opportunities to help out and I would urge you all do to so."

Blood donation couldn't be simpler – If you are aged between 17 and 60, weigh more than 50 kg and are in general good health you can donate. The NHS needs 7,000 voluntary donations of blood daily in order to keep a healthy stock of blood and meet the demands from hospitals.

For details on future blood donation sessions, please visit> or call 0300 123 23 23.

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