Mark Lancaster MP

22 FEB 2013

Mark Lancaster getting households a fair deal on their energy bills

CHEAPER energy bills for people across Milton Keynes came one step closer today with Ofgem's reforms to the energy market. These reforms follow the plans set out by the Prime Minister last year to ensure consumers get the cheapest deal.

Ofgem's reforms endorse the proposals in the Government's Energy Bill currently in parliament. They include:

Making the market simpler by restricting suppliers to offering four simple core tariffs per fuel type.Requiring suppliers to give all their customers personalised information on the cheapest tariff they offer for them.New rules which require suppliers to send clear bills which are easier for customers to understand.

Ofgem's reforms will be in place by this summer. The Government' Energy Bill will underpin these reforms and ensure all customers are getting the best deal on their energy bills by 2014.

Commenting, Mark Lancaster MP for Milton Keynes North said:

'I know that people across Milton Keynes are concerned about their energy bills and it is right that action is being taken to bring them down. Ofgem's reforms take a big step in the right direction, and follow the Prime Minister's promise last year to get the lowest tariffs for consumers.'

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