Mark Lancaster MP

27 OCT 2010

Mark meets Christian Aid campaigners

Residents have lobbied Mark Lancaster to seek his support for developing countries.

The Milton Keynes North MP was heartened to meet with several constituents at the Christian Aid lobby last Wednesday, who echoed his concerns about several issues including the impact of climate change.

The national charity believes that these factors 'keep people poor', aiming to make them priorities for the Coalition Government.

One campaigner, John Reardon, from Newport Pagnell United Reformed Church, said: "We are pleased with what Mark has done so far with regard to aid. We are really pleased that the aid budget was protected, but I feel very strongly about climate change. The rest of the world faces a far greater crisis than we do. We would really like to see transparency with tax and that's why we are here today. Companies based here should not make gains from exploitation of other countries."

Mr Lancaster added: "Tackling climate change is just one of many issues that we must address if we are to stop the blight of thousands of lives across the world as I saw for myself in Bangladesh recently where melting glaciers are having a major impact on communities living on the low lying river delta. While the Government is already making great inroads the lobby has been important to ensure we keep pressing for change on this and other issues."

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