Mark Lancaster MP

04 FEB 2011

Mark opens new gateway to Milton Keynes

The city's MPs have dubbed the new Coachway a 'fitting landmark' for Milton Keynes after opening the facility.

Last week Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart took their first trip to the £2.6 million structure, dubbed 'the gateway to the city'.

In stark contrast to the aging building it replaced, the new Coachway is modern and welcoming. It will offer CCTV-monitored car parks, public toilets, a taxi service, a ticket shop and a convenience store.

One of the busiest coach interchanges in the country, linking Milton Keynes to the furthest corners of Britain, it was funded by the Homes and Communities Agency and Department for Transport, and is being leased by National Express.

Mr Lancaster, who gave a speech singing the praises of coach travel, said: "I am delighted to see the fantastic new Coachway up and running. Milton Keynes is a major city in the South East and the fastest-growing in the country. Finally we have a transport facility that matches our stature."

Mr Stewart, who also unveiled the commemorative plaque, said: "It is great to see the Coachway now operational. It will boost the city's transport links, which is a massive advantage as we pitch for new businesses to set up base here. As the first landmark many people see when they come into the city, it is important for us to create the right impression, and this brilliant new facility does that."

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