Mark Lancaster MP

24 MAR 2011

Mark praises more money in the pot for potholes

The Chancellor has given Milton Keynes an extra £654,170 to fix its potholes.

Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart were delighted that George Osborne committed an extra £100 million to addressing the national pothole problem in yesterday's Budget.

Both MPs have been contacted by many constituents about the number of potholes across the city.

As well as being dangerous to motorists and cyclists, the craters in the tarmac – caused by the recent harsh winter – can damage cars, leaving councils with bills for thousands of pounds in compensation claims.

Mr Lancaster said: "While the Budget may seem full of intangible figures, here is some concrete – literally – improvement for our communities. Potholes are still a massive problem in Milton Keynes, especially in the rural areas, and this extra cash is very welcome."

Mr Stewart said: "The drive through some of the areas within my constituency hasn't exactly been a pleasant one. Making this extra money available for Milton Keynes is thus very welcome as it will go a long way to make our communities much safer and also reduce damage to residents' vehicles."

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