Mark Lancaster MP

21 MAR 2012

Mark praises police for increase in patrol numbers

Milton Keynes North MP, Mark, has today praised Thames Valley Police Force for continuing to increase front line policing in Milton Keynes.

Figures which were handed to the Home Office by Thames Valley Police have shown an increase in the number of police on patrol over the past two years. In 2010/11 there was an increase in policing by 8.4% in and this increased by a further 5.1% in 2011/12. This means that since 2010 the increase in front line policing has increased by 5.6%.

Mark commented; 'It is easy to think that the police are making cut backs in front line services, due to all of the negative press coverage nationally. However, the release of these statistics shows that there is an investment in front line policing in Milton Keynes and this is to the benefit of all residents. I wish to congratulate the police for continuing to raise the standards of policing throughout the Thames Valley area and specifically in Milton Keynes.'

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