Mark Lancaster MP

16 SEP 2010

Mark presses PM after Fishermead fire

THE Prime Minister has described the death of a mother and toddler in Fishermead as an 'absolutely tragic case'.

David Cameron was referring to the incident where Bola Ejifunmilayo and her three -year-old daughter Fiyin burnt to death in a house in multiple occupancy (HIMO) two weeks ago.

He was prompted by a question from Mark Lancaster at today's Prime Minister's Questions, focussing on the safety of HIMOs.

Mr Lancaster said: "Often poorly converted with enormous fire risks, it is thought that the majority of HIMOs in Milton Keynes and elsewhere remain unregistered."

"There have been too many cases like this," said Mr Cameron, putting the onus on local authorities who licence the properties.

"The law is there, it should be used," he added, encouraging them to use the powers they have to prosecute.

It follows the Milton Keynes North MP's efforts to call for improvements to HIMOs' safety, especially as new legislation is due to come into force next month.

Mr Lancaster called for a debate on the subject at Business Questions last Thursday.

Back in June 2007, he held a debate on HIMOs in Westminster Hall, highlighting in particular the fire risks of such properties.

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