Mark Lancaster MP

14 AUG 2013

Mark requests meeting with Secretary of State over Railcare redundancies

City MP Mark Lancaster has written to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills asking for a meeting as quickly as possible, to discuss Railcare and the redundancies being made there.

Since the announcement of Railcare going into administration, Mark has been working with BiS, the administrators and Railcare company executives to protect those working at the Wolverton Works. He recently wrote to the administrators expressing concern about the way in it is reported workers were told they were to be made redundant.

The Job Centre Plus are holding a drop in session for Railcare workers who have been made redundant on Monday 19th August at the Civic Offices, with potential employers, advice personnel from the Job Centre and Milton Keynes Council.

Mark said; "I am absolute in my determination to ensure workers at Wolverton works are protected and those who have lost their jobs are supported back into work as quickly as possible. I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to help Railcare secure its future and hope to meet with Vince Cable to discuss what further support BiS can offer."

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