Mark Lancaster MP

30 JUN 2011

Mark responds to snapshot of city's health

Mark has once again responded to a snapshot of the city's wellbeing offered by the latest 'health profile'.

The annual set of statistics, which was published today, reveals Milton Keynes's levels of illness, drug use, diet, education and crime.

Mark was pleased to learn that deprivation in the city is lower than the English average, however was shocked that there are 11,255 children in the city who live in poverty.

The Department of Health study also reveals that men in some areas will live 8.1 years longer than those in other areas in Milton Keynes.

Meanwhile, it shows that 25.3 per cent of adults here are obese and 17.3 per cent of year 6 schoolchildren are classified as obese.

Mr Lancaster, who last year made health his priority, said: "Although we cannot always rely on statistics, I believe this yearly snapshot is useful in looking at the problems we need to tackle to make Milton Keynes a healthier city.

"It is worrying again to see such a discrepancy in the life expectancies between neighbouring estates. We need to make sure that resources go to the people who need them.

"So much of our wellbeing depends on lifestyle choices, and it is frankly amazing to learn that more than a quarter of people are obese here.

"Meanwhile, as the health profile shows, we are a sporty city, with an above average number of children who are physically active. It is about educating people to make sure they realise the correlation between how they live their lives and how long they will live."

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