Mark Lancaster MP

22 MAR 2011

Mark speaks out about intervention in Libya

Mark Lancaster has urged the Government to consider the future of its military action in Libya.

The city MP argued in the Commons debate yesterday: "I fear that we have no clear exit at the moment in Libya."

The Milton Keynes North MP praised the Prime Minister's swift action against the dictator Colonel Gaddafi, who has waged war on his own people.

However, he warned against relying solely on the United Nations Resolution allowing the enforcement of a no-fly zone.

Having served in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan as a bomb disposal officer in the Territorial Army, Mr Lancaster said the UK's involvement in North Africa will lead to stalemate.

He warned against the mistakes of Iraq, about which he was critical at the time, for the lack of reconstruction and stabilisation plans.

He said: "We will achieve much by preventing conflict and unnecessary deaths in Libya, and the House should be proud of this country's contribution to securing the resolution, but it will not be enough. I would like the Government to continue to play their part in ensuring that we have the grounds on which we can ultimately get the appropriate resolution in the United Nations to secure that exit strategy."

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