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09 NOV 2010

Mark takes seat in new chamber

Mark Lancaster has taken a seat in a new chamber – the Wyvern School council.

The MP was given the temporary honour when he visited the Wolverton school on Friday.

He explained to the children that his job was to represent Milton Keynes on a bigger version of their school council – something called Parliament.

Each member of the council represents around 28 fellow classmates. When Mr Lancaster asked how many people they thought he represented (guesses started at 86), they were shocked to learn that it is in fact around 100,000.

Clued up on the national picture – they knew the Prime Minister's name – the pupils were impressed to learn Mr Lancaster knows David Cameron and has met the Queen. However, they got him to show them the PM's number on his BlackBerry just to prove he was telling the truth.

The visit gave the children a chance to pass on their Christmas cards to the Milton Keynes North MP, who is running a competition for the schools across his constituency.

Wyvern School is the largest first school in Milton Keynes, and was originally built in the Victorian era for the children of railway workers.

Mr Lancaster said: "I was so impressed by Wyvern School and charmed by its inquisitive students. It was also interesting to see how the beautiful Victorian buildings still provide the perfect space for fun and learning, and there was a great atmosphere throughout. I think there were a few future MPs sitting next to me on the school council who could no doubt give my colleagues and I a run for our money."

Headteacher Mrs Hann added: "We were very pleased to welcome Mr. Lancaster to Wyvern School. The children much enjoyed the opportunity to share their ideas and learning with him. They were also keen to find out more about what an MP does and how it matters to their lives now."

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