Mark Lancaster MP

12 JAN 2012

Mark welcomes extra Virign services

Virgin Trains have announced that they will be providing extra carriages and making additional stops at Milton Keynes Central, which came into effect on the 9th January. This welcome news comes after Virgin revealed that over the past seven years, passenger numbers have more than doubled from 14 million to 30 million.

The increase in trains is to reflect the numbers of passengers using the service and to make sure that the journey of commuters is more comfortable and less crowded.

The following trains will now be stopping at Milton Keynes;

18:43 (arrives at Milton Keynes 19:13)

19:10 (arrives at Milton Keynes 19:40)

19:20 (arrives at Milton Keynes 19:50)

In addition, the 18:43 service will be formed of two Voyager trains travelling as a single unit. This gives an extra 62 Standard seats compared with the current Pendolino service.

Commenting about these changes, Mark said: 'I am really pleased with this announcement, this is great news for Milton Keynes and should make the daily commute more comfortable. I hope that Virgin will now consider adding extra services during the busy morning commute too. This announcement reflects how our City is expanding and growing and this should encourage more investment into the area.'

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