Mark Lancaster MP

20 MAR 2012

Mark welcomes help for small businesses

Mark has welcomed the launch of The Directory which will help to provide sources of commercial finance for small businesses.

The Directory which has been set up as an alternative to conventional bank loans or overdrafts, which some small businesses may have difficulty in securing, by offering lease and hire purchasing, commercial mortgages, asset-based finance and invoice discounting which is aimed at helping small businesses to continue to run and prosper.

In its first year, The Directory, aims to help 600,000 businesses by helping them find funding and business solutions near to them. Whilst the scheme is nationwide, there is a search feature for your local areas.

Mark welcomed the scheme saying; 'This should help to boost the small businesses in Milton Keynes by offering them an alternative to the usual and more traditional financing methods. This scheme has come at a great time, when it can really help small businesses and I hope that this really will make a difference to businesses in Milton Keynes.'

If you would like more information about The Directory please visit the website at;

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