Mark Lancaster MP

02 APR 2013

Mark welcomes largest non-food franchise in the world to MK

Mail boxes etc - one of the world's largest franchises has come to Milton Keynes. Conveniently located near the station in Elder house , Eldergate, Mail boxes etc offers a convenient one-stop shop for printing, photocopying, packaging, stationery, mailbox rental and worldwide parcel delivery. No other retail outlet offers such a unique and diverse range of services.

Local franchisee Daniel Scott already has nine years experience of running a Mail boxes etc in Watford and is excited about the potential of his new store in Milton Keynes:

"Milton Keynes is one of the few large towns left in Britain without a Mailboxes etc store and the potential is huge. It is a town teeming with many small businesses who will benefit from our services. And it is not just business but also the general public, all of whom at one time or another will have need for one or more of our services"

And the new store received a welcome boost when it received a visit from local MP Mark Lancaster who was intrigued by the unique store concept.

Mark said:"Having recently been announced as one of the best places to do business in the UK, Milton Keynes and its many small businesses will no doubt benefit from this impressive one-stop service."

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