Mark Lancaster MP

11 JAN 2013

Mark welcomes moves to protect Pub Landlords

City MP Mark Lancaster has welcomed moves by government to support local publicans who are being unfairly pressured by pub companies by holding a consultation on the creation of a statutory Code and Adjudicator to oversee their relationship.

The government initially instigated a self regulatory approach in 2011 but on reviewing the situation at the end of last year, it appears while some pub companies have behaved fairly this is not always the case. As some local pubs in Milton Keynes are experiencing, licensees are being exploited and squeezed, by a combination of unfair practices and a lack of transparency.

Mark, who is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group and is continuing his tour of the pubs around his constituency, sees this as a great step forward for many local landlords who have approached him regarding the issue.

Mark said, "While the announcement just sees the start of a consultation process and not the immediate reform I feel is needed, I am pleased to see that local landlords opinions are being heard. It is a difficult time in the industry and as I have found while visiting the different pubs, too often pub companies are taking advantage of the licensees. This is certainly a step in the right direction."

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