Mark Lancaster MP

01 AUG 2014

Medals for MK!

MK continues to herald more and more sporting successes!

Our very own, Greg Rutherford, recently winning Gold at the Commonwealth Games and not forgeting the Adcock's, bringing home a hard won Silver for their astonishing performance in the Badminton. I hope that these local heroes will inspire the next generation of, as yet unknown, athletes in MK.

MK's sporting prowess is being recognised nationally as well, with fixtures for the Rugby World Cup being held at the MK Stadium in 2015. 

Another national organisation, Table Tennis England has also recently relocated to MK and with that in mind, I hosted a reception for them in Parliament with over a 100 guests and many MPs and Lord's alike enjoying a friendly game of ping pong.

It has been a good year for Red Bull's Formula 1 team. The ingenuity and dedication put in by the red-bull team all season turned around with outstanding consistency and as a result lead to Vettel breaking the record for most consecutive wins in a season winning 9 races. Last season Red Bull racing managed to win their fourth consecutive World constructors championship and their number one racing driver Sebastian Vettel was crowned the Worlds Drivers champion with the assistance of Mark Webber.

But sport isn't just for the professionals. Countless clubs meet at leisure centres across the city through the week; many more fill our playing fields on Saturdays and Sundays. We are even home to some newer sports, with our annual dragon boat racing event. Whether we enjoy regular cycling on the abundant Redways or popping to Energie Fitness for a weekend workout, we are all MK sportsmen and women and that is why Sport MK is an organisation I wholeheartedly endorse.

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