Mark Lancaster MP

05 MAR 2013

Milton Keynes North MP backs anti-hunger campaign

Mark Lancaster, the Conservative MP for Milton Keynes North, is supporting a major new campaign, designed to tackle hunger and food shortages across the world.

The IF campaign is bringing thousands of people together to put pressure on world leaders to make changes to the broken food system.

On Friday (1st March) Mr Lancaster visited the offices of international children's charity World Vision, based in Fox Milne, to learn more about the campaign.

While he was there, Mr Lancaster told staff he was confident the Government would keep its promise to give 0.7% of the UK's income to aid.

He said:

"I have seen for myself the devastating effects that hunger can have on children and families.

"A couple of years ago I was in Uganda and met a little girl at a World Vision health clinic who was only eating one meal a day. She was weak and tired and a lot smaller than a five year old in the UK would be.

"I will be as proud as anyone when this coalition Government becomes the first in the world to deliver on committing 0.7% of Gross National Income to international development."

World Vision is one of 100 charities involved in the IF campaign, which aims to make 2013 the beginning of the end of hunger.

Janice Gentry is one of Mr Lancaster's constituents and works for World Vision.

She said:

"Getting the Government to keep its promise on aid spending is vital if we are going to make a difference to children like the ones World Vision works with.

"I'm really pleased that Mr Lancaster has put his support behind the IF campaign and I look forward to seeing him work with the Government to make vital changes to the way the food system works."

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